James Valentino's Books

From Maine to Galveston, Republic of Texas

ISBN-978-0-99881-0-8 Non Oblitus Publishing 245 pages

In 2008 Professor James Valentino, while engaged in research, discovered a series of letters from Lucy Shaw to her mother in Maine during a seminal time in Texas history. He subsequently decided to publish them  along with additional research to make history come alive. This notable woman of letters recorded not only the mundane, but the family's struggles of life and death in early Galveston and of those she left behind in Maine. The reader will not soon forget them.   $19.95 + 3.99 shipping

by Non Oblitus Publishing
Looking Over the Gray-Green Bay

ISBN-978-1-4951-1463-2   170 pages

A collection of nine historical vignettes, musings, and personal accounts of one person's experience working on, and living close to Galveston Bay, one of the United States' greatest natural resource, though the book will appeal to anyone that loves the water and the extraordinary, and interesting people that are attracted to it.   Click on the book cover to read one of its stories. $14.95 + 3.99 shipping

by Non Oblitus Publishing